Previous Updates

Updates that have passed, but still worth a mention.

24.09.03 :: Well, what do you know, an update! Adde the studio album list for Styx to the Discography. Put the shrines on hold until I actually get them 'complete' - bouncing around between things, it's kind of irritating having something half-done up.  SO... Place is down for now.

Glen Burtnik is out of Styx now - may he be happy with all he does, and he will be missed.  Replacing him on bass is Ricky Phillips.

Not much else.  Hopefully I'll start randomly adding lyrics/songs up as I go.  No promises.

12.08.03 :: If you say I am slow, then yes, I am.  I've been distracted with other things, including a project for a friend and also suffering from bad PC issues [not the worm that's been around, I assure you] -- HOWEVER, now that the last major project is done [andthe other almost so anyway] its time for the Discography update at all.

Its only the Styx and Tommy Shaw solo stuff currently, but its better than nothing. Lemme warn off people; this kind of stuff is hard work.

12.07.03 :: Not really an update in content, just enws-related thigns for the visitors, etc. that browse Pieces.  I... have been busy.  Thus lack of updates.  Pluys I was planning my attack strategy of the Discography, which is a highly ambitious project. I have solution; fill in the tracks, and do songs ona weekly basis as time permits and fill it in slowly.

But better than that,f or the people who rememeb the original A Place to Call My Own ... I discovered recently on an old archive CD I DO have all the old stuff.  So I'm going to hijack it, redo thigns, and replace the current with that. And incorporate some of what I do have now into it.  Except the art... gets redone.  X_x; God its such a blast form the past, its scary.  XD;  I ought to put those old pieces in the Recycle Bin @ Kikkyou ....

So this is what you have to look forward to.  Aside Glen's new album and any shows you're going to see.


PS: If you've emailed me regarding Pieces, please re-email me with the subject [re: Pieces] or something similar; hd a massive back-up of email attack in there that made em scan, reda what looked important, and delete the rest. *_*  *stab Outlook Express*

20.06.03 :: Finally... an update.  New layout [which is discussed in greater detail now in Site] based ona non-Styx song! :o However, it refrs to the River Styx, and I like it, so ha! Plus I've added something new.  Its Retrospectacle review! [Yeah, non-Styx, Glen solo album.] And working on Place still... been busy with things.  And also made the move 100% final.  *points around*  XD And Place is open, tho not much to see. [See Solo for link.]

01.06.03 :: Not too much, nothing new in THIS per se... but the first of the "minis" will be coming... A Place to Call My Own is reviving soon.

24.05.03 :: Not much actually, been busy. Saw Styx on May 20th, went to Tower Records signing one Wed. [my Cyclorama thanks them (and me) for it], but I did find two OLDER versions of Pieces of Styx on the web and proceeded to die laughing.  I've since made sure both point to the even newer move to here -!  I promise this IS the last move, as is going to be home for one of my other, highly serious, projects. Other than that, nothing else. A new album coverage soon - probably something solo.

Oh, and go see Styx.  The show si awesome beyond awesome.  I mean it.  Really!!

12.05.03 :: Run, there's a guestbook to sign! *point right -->* Nothing new really other than that, for now. And thanks to those who've come to visit! Domo Arigato!