Released: October 1979
Styx is: Tommy Shaw, James Young, Dennis De Young, Chuck Panozzo, John Panozzo

02. Why Me
03. Babe
04. Never Say Never
05. Boat on the River
06. Borrowed Time
07. First Time
08. Eddie
09. Love in the Midnight

What its About: Though some may think this is the pinnacle of Styx, I debate it; The Grand Illusion is better suited to that record than COrnerstone, despite the fact this ahs their #1 hit and one of their biggest international hits. When I glean some actual meaning out of this album I can hold a candle to, I'll tell you.

Overall Impressions: I'll be truthful, cornerstone isn't one of my favorites, but ti does hold quite a few nice songs.  Though it holds Styx's #1 hit, babe, I can't really see what else made it all that great. [I'm not fond of Babe, personally - its a decent song, but I like other love-song types better.  No flames.  :P] Outside of Babe, the album's a bit shaky - aside form Boat on the River, which makes up for what Babe is, though there's also Why Me, Lights, Borrowed Time, Love in the Midnight, and Never Say Never to make up for that.  Though I may say I don't like Babe, I have an absolute HATRED of First Time.  To each their own, but I cannot stand it. I think Cornerstone could have had just about anything else there and been so much better. [No, I don't hold malice for love-songs; I just don't like these two to varying degrees.] Sure it was a triple-platinum album, but tis not THAT high on my Styx album list - only for the above-mentioned songs.

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