Crystal Ball

Released: October 1976
Styx is: Tommy Shaw, James Young, Dennis De Young, Chuck Panozzo, John Panozzo

01.Put Me On
02. Mademoiselle
03. Jennifer
04. Crystal Ball
05. Shooz
06. This Old Man
07. Claire de Lune/Ballerina

What its About: Life?  XD  Crystal Ball is an album I love but defies any rational explainations in my mind - its just a great album I love.

Overall Impressions: Crystal Ball is a damn fine album, and the first we see of Tommy Shaw.  His songs on here are strong - the title track stands out among my favorite Styx songs ever and hit home to the soul well - and the acoustic goodness is beyond words. Shooz is rocking, along with Put Me On [now I'm talking album in general] -- A GREAT and witty opening song if I do say so myself. Medemoiselle is good too, will Jennifer after, it makes good contrast befor hitting the sulful Crystal Ball.  This Old Man is poignant and certain to touch people. Its good to hear a classic like Claire de Lune, and then to have the awesomeness of ballerina - from the vocals to the YUMMY guitarring in the song... a good way to spend awhile listening to music.  Sadly overlooked in VH1's Behind the Music [what gives?!] and often not even mentioned much, Crystal Ball is an album I HAD to replace when I found mine gone.

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