Brave New World

Released: June 29th, 1999
Styx is: Tommy Shaw, James Young, Dennis De Young, Chuck Panozzo, Todd Sucherman

01. I Will Be Your Witness
02. Brave New World
03. While There's Still Time
04. Number One
05. Best New Face
06. What Have They Done To You
07. Fallen Angel
08. Everything is Cool
09. Great Expectations
10. Heavy Water
11. High Crimes & Misdemeanors [hip-hip-crasy]
12. Just Fell In
13. Goodbye to Roseland
14. Brave New World [reprise]

What its About: My opinion on BNW is based around the book fo the same name by Aldous Huxley. [You ought to read it - only 200 pages.] Its a good mirror of our world to theirs, and what we're heading into if we're not careful

Overall Impressions: Brave New World was great; I still love it, though I do think Cyclorama [and The Grand Illusion] was better. I have some misgivings about certain tracks, but that's ok; its still a strong album of effort from the band, and a cohesive work relating to our world and to the book its based on. [Not sure what to call that relationship really...] The title track itself is great, and many of these were fantastic live.  I do wish the remix of Best New Face had been what WAS it on this album; its better, in my honest opinion. Many variances in the music, but still quite the Sygian base in it with the harmonies and styles at times. Many critis ridiculed it for heir own reasons; I thought personally it was well done.

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