Released: 1996 [Germany]

01. Roar
02. Love is the Ritual
03. Woman's Point of View
04. Every Day of My Life
05. Don't Give Up on Me
06. Love (And Love Alone)
07. There's a Hero in Every Heart
08. River of Fire
09. Keep Open Your Heart
10. Someday
11. Local Hero
12. Love is More than a Four-Letter Word

What its About: Love, life, happiness. Lots of good things.  Definitely a lot about love, to me.

Overall Impressions: Retrospectacle really should have been released domestically, its a very good album with a lot of great songs such as River of Fire, Someday, and Love is More than a Four-Letter Word. Many tracks echo things form real life, and the lyrics throughout the album are all meaningful and well-stated.

[Some lyrics on temporary hold... Only Tracks 01, 02, 10, and 12 have them... will get the rest soon. *dies from transcribing*]

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