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About "Pieces"

Pieces of Styx had its roots planted ages ago in 1998 or so... I do't recall when the original came about.  Maybe it was 1999.  I've lost track, its been almost 5 years at some point.  Its been on and off, touch and go, mostly due to lack of time, or lack of stable space.  At last, it seems that Pieces can finally exist, and stay. Its original incarnation wasn't much, and this by far might be the furthest it'll ever get.

Grand Reopening: May 9th, 2003

This version of Pieces:

Version 2.0 :: The River, Black, blue and red.  Based on the song of the same name by The Tea Party.  Weird I use another band to make a site for Styx, but the song mentions the River Styx.  XD;; Check it out sometime; I have an mp3 of the remix form their Tangents album that I made. Lyrics can be found here, as transcribed by me.

Previous Versions

Version 1.0 :: One With Everything - Cyclorama-inspired color scheme, title from track 13 of Cyclorama.

About the Lady Behind It

D. Mintaka Peal, aka Pikabelle to many internet Stygians, got hooked on Styx in 1997 by chance while borrowing a copy of The Grand Illusion.  From there, it was Return to Paradise, coupled with Kilroy was Here, that drug her into the well of no reurn. Since then, she saw them live since 1999 a total of ... 9 times, including one trip to Reno, NV for the New Years Eve show in 2000 to ring in 2001 - the first trip out of state for her. Few people would question her fandom of Styx, and at one point she was the walking encyclopedia of facts. Old age however [*cough*] has worn away the edge. She's currently 21 years of age, making her part of the younger Stygians, and waiting for another concert.  >=D  She has no true favorite member of Styx, just occasional preferences, as she cannot pick only one over all the others.

Shows attended:

Nov 13 1999 :: Anaheim ,CA // Sun Theatre
May 2000 :: Universal City, CA // Universal Ampetheatre
Sept. 2000 :: Pomona, CA // LA County Fair
Dec 31, 2000 :: Reno, NV // [Some hotel... I forget which one NOW]
May 31 2001 :: Universal City, CA // Universal Ampetheatre
Jun 1, 2001 :: Universal City, CA // Universal Ampetheatre
Jun 6, 2001 :: Irvine, CA // Verizon Wireless Ampetheatre
May 2003 :: Los Angeles, CA // Staples Center
Sept 14, 2003 :: Pomona, CA // LA County Fair