The Styx discography is long, with quite a few things which are collections or live albums.  Not that its all a bad thing, as if it weren't for Styxworld 2001, I'd never have a *good* copy of Crystal Ball live! Anyway, here's the list, with studio albums first, collections I wish to note second, and notable live releases last. I hate going chronologically, its overused. Oh, and I'm currently omitting import/foreign releases.  I don't even want to get buried in that, yet. After the Styx stuff, I'm listing the solo stuff [and notable works with others] of the members.

If it looks different, its a link to my comments on it and a track list. As I've said, work in progress.


Studio Albums

Styx II
Man of Miracles
The Serpent is Rising
Crystal Ball
The Grand Illusion
Pieces of Eight
Paradise Theatre
Kilroy Was Here
Edge of the Century
Brave New World

Compilations of Note

Best of Styx
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits Part 2

Live Albums

Caught in the Act
Return to Paradise
Arch Allies
Styxworld 2001
At the River's Edge

Tommy Shaw

Girls With Guns
What If
Hallucinations [Shaw/Blades]
7 Deadly Zens

Damn Yankees releases:

Damn Yankees
Don't Tread

James Young

City Slicker [W/ Jan Hammer]
Out on a Day Pass
Raised by Wolves [James Young Group]

Dennis DeYoung

Desert Moon
Back to the World
10 on Broadway
Hunchback of Notre Dame

Glen Burtnik

Talking in Code
Heroes and Zeroes
Slaves of New Brunswick [Glen + a bunch of friends!]
Coming soon: Return to Hollywood

Lawrence Gowan

Strange Animal
Great Dirty World
Lost Brotherhood
...but You Can Call Me Larry
The Good Catches Up
Sololive: No Kilt Tonight
Gowan Au Quebec
Best Of...