About Styx

Styx... a name people associate with songs such as Lady, Come Sail Away, Babe, and Mr. Roboto.  But its always more than that, its mroe than the hit songs. Styx is a band built from the ground up, that reached its highs, and hit its lows, and still endures despite what the critics may say. They've been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale from the sea of opinions.  They do it because they can.

Or at least that's how I see it.  Considering the recent turn fo events, and the fan reaction, some might say its a near miracle Styx is still standing.  However, I myself think that if they have the will, want, and drive, they can keep on going. With an album like Cyclorama, they still got what it takes, despite anything critics might say.  Come on, not every Styx album before was perfect, and they ALL had some change.  Pieces of Styx to Cornerstone, anyone? Shall we compare "old Styx" circa Curulewski v. the Shaw or Burntik appearances? No, we can't and won't, because it does nothing. Styx eludes definition.

Styx is not any one thing, any one true sound. Its an intangible.